Day: 19 October 2018

DoS attack from inside the network to a DHCP server

How to trick the DHCP server to not provide IP address  to devices, what will completely block new connections? It could be done by DoS attack called “DHCP starvation attack“. We will show you how to do it and how to protect your network.

DoS attack messages

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ARP spoof attack – Capturing network data

Is it possible for someone to capture your entire network or internet communication? Yes it is! With ARP spoofing it is very easy. Only 4 CLI commands are needed.

We will show it on a simple example. We will capture communication between router R1 and switch SW1. Our attacking host is called KALI.

Let’s say we want to capture the admin username and password that logs in from SW1 to R1 using TELNET, which is unencrypted.

ARP spoof

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