Day: 22 October 2018

CDP flooding – DoS attack overloading CPU

CDP flooding is a DoS attack using vulnerability of the CDP protocol, which is turned on by default on most of the Cisco devices. After the attack is started, the CPU of the target device is 100% saturated, preventing it’s normal operation. We will show how this attack can be launched and how to protect your devices against it.

CDP flooding CPU history

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HSRP attack – vulnerability of the network redundancy protocol

HSRP (Hot Standby Router Protocol) is a Cisco proprietary protocol that provides network redundancy in case of default gateway router failure. It is one of the most common protocols, however, it contains vulnerability that can lead to denial of service or to data capturing by attackers. We will show you how the HSRP attack can take place and how to protect your network against it.

HSRP attack topology

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