EBOOK Ethical Hacker’s Guide

Ethical Hacker’s Guide

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the netvel.sk blog, an Ebook called “Ethical Hacker’s Guide” is published, describing 10 attacks on network infrastructure.


1.       ARP spoof attack – Capturing data in the network
2.       CDP flooding – DoS by CPU overloading
3.       HSRP attack – Vulnerability of the network redundancy protocol
4.       VLAN hopping – DTP protocol vulnerability
5.       STP attack – Taking the root bridge role
6.       DHCP attack – DoS from the inside of the network
7.       MAC Flooding & Port Security – Ethernet switch vulnerability
8.       How to hack wifi – Breaking the WPA2 – PSK keys
9.       Fake WIFI access point – Free connection threats
10.    Password attack – obtaining passwords with brute force


Ebook can be ordered by filling out the form below or by emailing info@netvel.sk.

Price: 9 EUR