Ethical Hacking of the Network


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At the Ethical Hacking of the Network course, you will learn various hacking techniques. The course is suitable for people who are involved in network security. We will show you how to identify and remove as many security vulnerabilities as possible and learn how to look at the network with the eyes of the hacker. The course visitor will receive an Ebook “Ethical Hacker’s Guide” with complete tutorials and a certificate of completion of the course.
Prirucka rtickeho hackera
Each visitor will be provided with a KALI Linux operating system notebook during the course.



  • what is ethical hacking
  • what is penetration testing
  • introduction to KALI Linux distribution

Information Gathering

  • the basics of using network scanners
  • NMAP

Data Analysis 

  • basics of using protocol analyzers

Man in the middle attacks

  • how capture data in the network
  • ARP spoofing
  • MAC floofing –  attack on a switch

DoS attacks

  • Denial of service with flooding
  • CDP flooding – DoS by CPU overloading
  • DHCP attack – DoS from the inside of the network
  • demonstration of how to shut down the WEB page

Manipulation of the Network Infrastructure

  • how to manipulate network protocols
  • VLAN hopping –  DTP protocol vulnerability
  • HSRP attack- Vulnerability of the network redundancy protocol
  • STP attack – Taking the root bridge role

Dictionary attack

  • obtaining passwords with brute force

Wireless attacks

  • How to hack wifi – Breaking the WPA2 – PSK keys
  • Fake WIFI access point